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Welcome, I am Lara!

A Luxury travel Content Creator, born and raised on Lake Como, Italy, but a New Yorker at heart. Welcome to my travel blog

After graduating from law school, practicing law for a few years, and starting my own consulting business, I decided to make traveling my job.

To share my passion for traveling the world I created Discover With Lara,

Discover With Lara focuses on Classy, Luxury Travel around the globe.
With incomparable attention to detail, the brand aims to reach an audience of refined, frequent travelers and those searching for a one-time fairytale experience.



Traveling has, in fact, always been a huge passion of mine. I specialized in tourism in high school, studied three foreign languages (English, French, and German), and started with my first trips abroad when I was 15 (the first destination being Paris, France).

After that, I understood that traveling meant much more than being a tourist on vacation: to me, it meant exploring, discovering, understanding, learning, and so on.

Since then, I never stopped moving around. Even when I enrolled in law school, I needed constant contact with the outside world. I continued exploring foreign countries, and I got my degree in Comparative Law after living in NYC while doing research for my dissertation. Then I lived in Strasbourg (France) while attending a post-grad course, just before moving back to NYC again to work at the Permanent Mission of my Country to the UN.

After living in NYC for the second time, it became clear to me that I wasn’t meant to be a typical lawyer (too boring).

So, after working for a while as a legal specialist in Milan for a famous English fashion designer and a long run as a Legal Quality Manager in Switzerland, I created my own consulting business. This gave me the chance to manage my working life and my travel addiction.

Cravel blogger and content creator

Sultan Cave Cappadocia

Since then, I visited more than 37 countries, bought a house in Portugal, learned a few more languages, met the most amazing people, and attended another post-grad course, this time in Journalism, at CUNY (hello again, NYC).

Even though I’ve checked many of my dream destinations off my list, I have no intention to stop anytime soon!

There’s so much to explore, understand, and learn in the world. Traveling brings so much joy to life: discovering beautiful new places, meeting wonderful new people. I share my adventures here to inspire and help explorers like you.
I’m glad you’re along for the ride! Welcome to my travel blog

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Countries I’ve Visited

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So far, I have been to 35+ Countries, including: Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, San Marino, the Vatican, Monaco, Egypt, Morocco, Malta, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Turkey, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and the US.

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